Over 35 Years of Service

High's Wood Heaters began in 1974, in a little side room built into what had formerly been a chicken house. The energy crisis was in full swing, and manufacturers were moving to serve a growing market for alternative sources of energy. One of these manufacturers was Shenandoah, a manufacturer of equipment for chicken houses. John High met with Shenandoah at a trade show in St. Louis and saw their answer for this growing market: the Black Beauty cabinet model heater.

A few years, a major ice storm, and hundreds of heaters later, High's Wood Heaters had established itself as the largest supplier of wood heaters in Mississippi. Since those early days the office has expanded, but the determination to provide personal service to every single customer has remained the same. John High treated everyone who walked through his door as a friend, and it is our goal to carry that standard into the twenty-first century.

John and Doris High